Do you want to own a business that run itself and give you free time? If YES, here is a 10-step guide on how to start a successful business that run itself. The joy of most entrepreneurs is to start a business that runs on auto – pilot and yet rakes in huge turn – over per month with little or no stress. Research shows that most businesses that have solid base, are highly profitable and can successfully foot all of its bills are such that can survive with or without the owner of the business.

Why Build a Business That Run Itself?

It is true that it can sometimes be really stressful as an entrepreneur when you are involved in all the processes of your business ; from purchasing the raw materials, to production and finally to delivering the goods / products to your customers. If you are still in this category of hustlers, you might find that you easily burn – out. This is obviously not what you want as a business owner; besides it is not good for your health, social and family life.

Did you know that you can become a business person and still have enough time to go on vacation, attend to your family, personal and spiritual life, play golf or any sport of your choice? The key is that you should be able to put structures in place that can support your business to run on auto – pilot.

You also must be deliberate about it from the day you made – up your mind to start a business and it must be part of your business plan. Now let us quickly consider the 10 powerful tips that can aid any entrepreneur to start a business that run itself:

How to Start a Successful Business That Run Itself in 10 Steps

1. Be Deliberate About Building a Business That Runs On Auto – Pilot in Your Business Plan

If you truly want to start a business that runs on auto – pilot, then you must be deliberate about it from the very beginning. It is important that you clearly state it in your business plan so that you do not mix things up. Doing this means that you have a guide that would serve you and the rest of your business team or partners.

2. Hire Competent and Trustworthy Staffs

Of course if you want to start a business that runs itself, then you shouldn’t be the only one running the business. This means that you would be required to hire other members of your team. So, what you need to do when hiring employees is to look out for people who can work with little or no supervision, and those that are trustworthy and can easily be relied upon. For these reasons, you must include some questions in the screening exercise that can help you identify these attributes.

3. Document All the Activities of Your Business

It is very important that you and your team document all the activities involved in running your business daily. This is the bulk of the information needed to build the standard operating processes (S.O.P) for businesses.

4. Build Standard Operating Processes (S.O. P)

Standard Operating Processes (S.O.P) are the processes that enable an organization run on auto – pilot and still produce products or services that is of same and high quality. The truth is that if you don’t want the quality of your goods and services to fluctuate, then you must run your business with Standard Operating Processes. Once you have S.O.P in place, any staff can fill – in for another staff that is absent and still produce goods or services that is of same quality the organization is known for.

5. Constantly Sell Your Vision to Your Employees

Part of what you need to do to be able to run a business that can successfully run itself is to constantly sell your vision to your team and employees. It is possible to sell a vision to a group of people and they go ahead to help you fulfill the vision.

This is exactly what you must strive to do. Tell your staffs about your vision of the company during your team meetings, and also ensure that you print the vision on cardboard and place it in strategic places in your office.

6. Constant Training of Your Employees

You should pay more emphasis on the training of your workers if you want to build a business that can run on its own. The truth is that when your employees are well trained, they can successfully carry on with your business activities with or without your input. If you want competent people, then you must invest in training and equipping them.

7. Simplify the Processes of Running Your Business

To successfully build a business that can run smoothly on its own, it means that you must put all it takes to simplify the processes involved in running the business. Your goal should be geared towards constantly looking for simpler ways of doing things in your organization. The truth is that when the process of running your business is simple enough, it will save your employees stress and it will definitely increase production output.

8. Reward Competence

Another key factor that can aid you to build a business that can run without your presence is to create platform that encourages competent employees. Employees that perform well should be rewarded monthly and annually to encourage them to perform more and also to encourage others to strive to outperform them. Rewarding competent workers doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive. You can start with certificate of recognition and then grow to cash and gift rewards.

9. Encourage Healthy Competition among your Employees

Part of what you need to do to be able to establish a business that can successfully run itself is to encourage healthy competition amongst your employees. If you create such platform, each staff or team can continue to work hard to outperform others and that would definitely be good for your business because it will impact positively on your organization.

10. Create an Enabling Environment of Accountability

Accountability is another key factor that is common with an organization that runs on auto – pilot. So if you desire to build a company that runs on its own, then you should make it a point of duty to create enabling environment for your management and staffs to be accountable to one another.

There you have it, the 10 top tips that can help any entrepreneur start a business that can successfully run on auto – pilot. In addition to the above tips, you should also look for ways to leverage on technology and software that can help you simplify your business processes.

Ajaero Tony Martins