Do you want to travel abroad for business & hustling? If YES, here are 20 best countries with easy immigration requirements and lots of opportunities for 2021.

If you are thinking of taking the leap to live and work abroad, your first thought would be finding a country that would be easy to get a work visa, or one that would be easy to run a business in. Indeed, leaving your country and going to a country that would make living and working very difficult for you is just not worth it, so you need to carry out extensive research so you do not make a choice you will regret in the end.

It is a fact that most countries of the world are very strict on immigrants, but there are ones that operate an open door policy. These countries, by their laws, make it easy for immigrants to come in and help them develop their economy by starting and running a business. Here are a few of those countries to set your sights on if you are thinking of leaving your country.

20 Best Countries to Migrate for Business & Hustling in 2021

1. Egypt

When looking at a country to emigrate to start a business and to hustle, especially in the African region, Egypt easily comes to mind. When it comes to the most advanced cities in Africa, Cairo is up there, taking the pride of place. Not only is it an ancient city, it’s also one that’s comfortable with the 21st century, and is able to co-exist with the two eras.

Over 30,000 expats call Egypt, particularly Cairo, a home away from the home. This is because the country friendly to immigrants who come to live and work there. In spite of its desert heat, tourist touts, and chaotic cities, Egypt is a dream destination for anyone who wants to live in an African Islamic society, set up a business in the country and see the other side of life.

Though Egypt may present a few restrictions especially for foreigners willing to start a business there, but it is nothing insurmountable because the country is improving yearly in its ease of doing business.

2. The Netherlands

If you’re an entrepreneur, then the Netherlands wants you. The country is looking to create new products and jobs by attracting foreign innovators and scientists. When it comes to the ease of doing business, you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands because the Netherlands was ranked 28 out of 190 countries in the World Bank’s Ease of

Doing Business Survey for 2017, the same ranking as the previous year. If you have a start-up idea, you can apply for a one-year residency in the Netherlands.

During this time you’ll meet with a local mentor and build your business. After 12 months you’ll have the option to extend your stay and apply for the standard self-employed work permit, which is available through the Dutch-American Friendship Treaty.

Want to skip the start-up step? The Dutch-American Friendship Treaty, or DAFT, encourages small businesses and self-employed entrepreneurs to take up residency and work in the Netherlands. This goes to show that the Netherlands is a very viable country to work and to hustle.

3. Dubai

Working in Dubai can be lucrative for many people; with its high wages and low taxes, the country is a mecca for anyone wanting to earn big bucks.

To get a work visa, first you have got to look for a job. Your application for a work visa to the UAE will not be accepted unless it’s submitted by the employer. Usually, the employer will have to submit that for you, since you’re supposed to be outside the country waiting for it.

Once successful, the employer will provide a job offer, once everything is agreed, then a contract s given. From there, the employer will start to apply for your work/employment visa. Employment Visa may take as fast as 3 days, or as long as 2–3 weeks, sometimes months, depending on several factors such as your country of origin, employer’s quota, etc.

Usually in UAE the processing time will be maximum of 3 weeks provided all your documents are legit. Most of the employers in UAE require the Degree Certificate to be attested by government. If you have already done that, then you will get Work Visa in max 3 weeks, if not, the process will take another 2 weeks.

Again, doing business in Dubai is actually easy because of the free trade zones in the emirate. You have a lot of privileges if you start your business in any of the trade zones in the emirate. This makes the country one of the best countries to migrate for business and hustling.

4. Switzerland

The financial services industry is a big employer in Switzerland and it’s well known as a high wealth centre. Switzerland is one of the highest paying countries in the world as far as labour is concerned. Yes, the cost of living in Switzerland is also high, however solid career opportunities and high living standards are worth it.

An average expat benefit package in the country is about $246,971 a year. Service professionals in Switzerland earn an average $92,625 (£68,500) a year. Meanwhile, its management workers take home a huge $431,603 (£319,192) a year.

Furthermore, starting a business in Switzerland is easy as the is ranked 38 among 190 economies in the ease of doing business, according to the latest World Bank annual ratings. This means that the country would be easy enough for whoever wants to emigrate and start a business there.

5. Canada

Canada is probably the friendliest nation on earth. The Republic of Canada has emphatically opened its border to displaced people from war-torn countries. Keeping in mind that you probably won’t consider Canada as a country with a lot of beaches, it really has the longest coastline on the planet at 202,080 km. The country earns its spot as the fastest immigration country as of today.

Canada was ranked 18th (out of 189 countries) by The World Bank in its Ease of Doing Business Survey from 2018. Specific business criteria that Canada ranks highly for include starting a business (2nd), protecting minority investors (8th) and getting credit (12th).

Starting a business in Canada is a fast and user friendly process that takes just a day and a half. Filing for incorporation and registering for VAT is all it takes. For anyone looking for a country to migrate to for business and hustling, Canada should be on your list.

6. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is very attractive to migration-seekers due to its peaceful and easy-going residents. Pacifists will appreciate the fact that it doesn’t even have a national army, and don’t forget that it also has 801 miles of stunning coastline and world-class healthcare, too. Nature lovers will appreciate the country as it is a nature’s paradise.

But we are not talking about nature but about doing business and hustling in the country. Costa Rica is ranked 61st out of 190 economies assessed by the World Bank Ease of Doing Business Survey 2018. It is also ranked by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as number one for innovation in Latin America, and equally recognized by the WEF as having the best educational system in the region.

The cost of living in Costa Rica is not too high. Couples will need about $2,500 per month to live comfortably. If you’re looking to retire, Costa Rica has a retiree program that you’ll qualify for if you can show $1,000 per month in income. Most folks will need a job in order to achieve permanent residency, but if you have skills that Costa Rica needs, things as simple as teaching English or entertaining tourists, the dream could be in reach.

7. Cambodia

Cambodia remains one of the most popular countries for expats to get a visa in. You can get a long-term “business visa” that can be renewed indefinitely, and without being sponsored by a company. However, despite the name it doesn’t technically allow the holder to work in Cambodia. To do that legally, you’ll need to apply for a work permit, though the country has historically been fairly lax about enforcing those permits, showing that you can easily hustle in the country.

8. Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a Caribbean nation that shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti to the west. You can get permanent residency in the Dominican Republic after staying there for at least two years. Or if you don’t want to stay for two years, you can invest  $200,000 in real estate or a business. Apart from that, you also have to show a steady income. Keeping this rule an a few others, an immigrant can comfortably live and earn a living in the country.

9. Panama

Panama is a country on the isthmus linking Central and South America. The Panama Canal, a famous feat of human engineering, cuts through its center, linking the Atlantic and Pacific oceans to create an essential shipping route. Panama is an independent nation in Central America with a beachy landscape and a lot of English speakers.

Some of the best coffee in the world is grown there. It’s a country that is considered safe and well developed, thus making it attractive to entrepreneurs and retirees alike.

Panama’s retiree visa requires a monthly income of $1,000. If you’re not old enough to retire, a $5,000 deposit in a Panamanian bank helps you get your permanent residency. If you happen to hail from one of 50 countries that are friendly to Panama, a few of which are the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Austria, you are eligible for a Friendly Nations visa. You only need to get a job or start a viable business to be made a citizen.

10. Belize

Belize is a country on the eastern coast of Central America. If you have stayed in Belize for five years and you maintain a certain account balance, you can be given permanent residency. It is as easy as that.

Located between Mexico and Guatemala, Belize is a small country with a population that harmoniously represents no less than eight different cultures. It is also an English-speaking country with a very low cost of living. Getting into Belize is pretty easy. You can enter on a 30-day visitor visa and simply keep renewing it every month until you’ve lived there for 50 weeks. At that point, a $1,000 fee and a few bureaucratic hurdles will get you permanent residency.

If that sounds like a doable plan of attack, you may want to engage a lawyer in Belize right away to keep you informed of any fine print. Some districts do require you to leave the country for two weeks every six months, which resets the clock on the 50-week requirement. And if you need to work while you await permanent residency, you could use some help to secure a work permit. In all, Belize is a good country to migrate to, get a job, or start a business.

11. Mexico

Mexico is another country to consider of you want a country to migrate to for business and hustling.  Mexico is ranked 54 among 190 economies in the ease of doing business, according to the latest World Bank annual ratings.

As a matter of fact, Mexico is the easiest country in Latin America to start a business as it’s faster and much less complicated to do so. In some cases, it only takes a day and zero dollars to begin running your own company. This goes to show that Mexico should be on your table as a country to travel for business and hustling.

12. Ecuador

Ecuador has virtually unmatched natural beauty in the form of mountain peaks, volcanoes, beaches, and islands. It is named after the equator, which runs through it, and is the only country in the world named after a geographical feature. The cost of living in Ecuador is very low, and the US dollar is the official currency.

The easiest way to get permanent residence in Ecuador is called a pensioner’s visa. Though designed for retirees, there aren’t actually any age requirements to get one. Though Ecuador is ranked 123 among 190 economies in the ease of doing business, according to the latest World Bank annual ratings, that does not take away from the fact that it is an improving country and can easily accept migrants that can contribute meaningfully to the economy.

13. New Zealand

A visitor visa to New Zealand typically lasts for a maximum stay of nine months. This first of all shows that the country is not averse to foreigners. If you are considering living in New Zealand for an extended period of time, you can start by applying trough their government-provided website. The immigration office will email you personalized information based on your goals.

If you want to work during your stay, you can apply for a temporary work visa. There are several types of visas, but they are all similar in that the government of NZ is seeking employees that fill a skill shortage from this list in the country that is currently not being filled by NZ citizens.

The essential skills work visa can be valid for up to five years when the proper requirements have been met. There is also the long-term skills shortage visa which can grant you work permission for up to 30 months. NZ also has a working holiday visa for young people ages 18-30 for up to twelve months.

None of these visas provide the traveler with a residency permit. If your longterm goal is to live permanently in NZ, you should apply for a talent work visa. After holding the job from your talent work visa for two years, you can apply to live in the country indefinitely as a resident if you meet qualifications.

14. Denmark

The World Bank Doing Business Report pointed out that Denmark’s effective digitization process is one of the prime factors contributing to its third place rank in the index. The digitization process allows quick and easy registration of new businesses, the acquisition of a ‘NemID’ signature, and employee insurance registration.

These procedures can be done in just one day, and the fee for starting a company can cost as little as 670 Kroner ($98 USD). Trading across the border in Denmark is easy, as it has a ‘free border’ and documentary compliance on exports and imports. According to the same report, the Danish government is the front runner in enforcing regulations that facilitate market interaction without hindering the private sector.

15. Singapore

Singapore’s immigration website is refreshingly user-friendly. Travelers have several options for extending their stay in the country and all applications are completed online. There is a $100 application fee, and if you are accepted, additional fees ranging to $250. The site warns that application processing time may take six months are longer.

You will have to be organized and plan ahead before you arrive in Singapore as a traditional visitor pass is a maximum 30-day stay. In fact, one-third of Singapore’s population are expats, meaning it might just not be so hard to find a full-time job there and it might also be easy to start a business, after all Singapore is considered “the best performer” when it comes to overall efficiency of markets.

Another avenue is the global investor program, which applies to business owners interested in spending large amounts of money in the country and moving their business to Singapore. The government is interested in businesses or people with a proven track record that are going to boost the economy of Singapore. And finally, a person holding an employee pass permitting you to work in Singapore is eligible to apply to become a permanent resident.

Employee Passes are granted by the Ministry of Manpower. This website is also very easy to navigate and answers questions about eligibility and the application process. You must have a job offer lined up in a specialized field, your employer must apply for the pass on your behalf, your monthly salary must meet or exceed $3,600, and if you qualify, the pass lasts for two years and is then eligible for renewal.

They also provide a handy self-assessment tool to gauge if you are eligible. The entire process will cost you about $220 and turnaround time is quicker, taking about three weeks.

16. Norway

Norway has managed to successfully combine a strong technology sector and energetic workforce with a strong safety net of social programs to its citizens, which makes a force to be reckoned with in the global business arena. Furthermore, Norway has one of the most efficient systems on the globe to handle insolvency filings.

The business start-up procedure in Norway usually takes only four days, and the relative cost to launch a venture is quite low (only 0.90% of annual per capita income). This makes the country one you should keep in mind if you want a country to migrate to for business and hustling.

17. Paraguay

Paraguay is a landlocked country between Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia, home to large swaths of swampland, subtropical forest and chaco, wildernesses comprising savanna and scrubland.

If you dream of disappearing off the face of the earth, Paraguay might be the place for you. Not many people know anything about it, despite being bordered by Argentina and Brazil. The country has a literacy rate higher than the united states, and it is a beautiful place with friendly people, vast scenic vistas, and low cost of living.

Since it is so obscure, the demand for immigration is low and the bar for acceptance is, too. You will be required to deposit an amount of money into a Paraguayan bank that equals roughly 35x the monthly minimum wage. It sounds like a lot, but it comes out to only about $4,500-$5,500 USD. That’s all it takes to live in Paraguay indefinitely, and after three years you can apply for citizenship.

18. Belgium

If you love the idea of enjoying limitless beer and chocolate in a cozy little country dotted with gorgeous architecture and breathtaking natural beauty, consider Belgium. If you live in Belgium for five continuous years and are a Swiss national or citizen of an EU/EEA country, you will automatically be given permanent resident status. If you aren’t a citizen of one of those countries, you have to apply.

Being a permanent resident of Belgium affords you the many of the privileges and rights of a Belgian citizen, such as voting, open access to employment, social programs (including welfare) and education. Becoming a citizen adds to that the ability to leave the country for more than two years at a time, but the requirements are much more rigorous.

You will need a job to be granted a permanent residency visa, but you can apply from home. Once you land a job, you only need to hold onto it for two weeks before becoming eligible for a residency permit. That’s not an offer to stay forever just yet, but as long as you keep working, you are moving toward it.

19. Georgia

The Eurasian nation of Georgia is one of the world’s top places to start a business. For years, the middle-income country has been benefiting from an emerging economy. One of the reasons behind this is that it only takes two days to register a new business in Georgia, and it only costs around the equivalent of $40 US dollars. This country is another good place to look into if you are looking for a favorable economy and an easy country to start a business in.

20. Korea

The Republic of Korea is ranked as the fourth best location to start a business. South Korea ranked towards the top due to strong results when it comes to obtaining electricity, trading across borders, and enforcing contracts. This all comes without even mentioning South Korea’s super speedy internet connection – the fastest in the world.

This speed is something that the government cleverly used to promote South Korea as an attractive location for start-ups. The government touted this fact in their initiatives that began in 2012 to attract entrepreneurs to the country. If starting a business is your thing, then you will be greatly favoured by migrating to Korea. You may have to spend sometime learning the language though.

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